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Book Review

Alzheimer's - Dementia

by Kristine Morris

With Gallogly’s guidance, family members will be equipped and empowered to make the best possible decisions for their loved ones. The decision to place a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia in a care... Read More

Book Review

My Name Is Tom

by Olivia Boler

An obsession with music leads to the rave scene in this sharp and appealing coming of age story. Jon Reeves’s My Name is Tom is a contemporary British coming-of-age story. Thomas Luke Joyce is a generally average young man, if... Read More

Book Review

Eternal Ways

by Barbara Nickles

Those interested in Christian topics will find much to consider in this passionate exploration of faith in everyday life. Timothy Etoori’s "Eternal Ways" encourages Christians to become more involved in their religious communities.... Read More

Book Review


by Jill Allen

A tight-knit cast of teens is swept into a strange land in this exciting fantasy. John Lovell’s Asora: The Sword of Barra is a compelling fantasy about six teenagers thrown from their world into the land of Asora, where they learn to... Read More

Book Review

Me, Rain, and a Hired Taxi

by Margaret Fedder

Graceful poems juxtapose the mystical with the practical. "Me, Rain, and a Hired Taxi", a book of poems by Davoud Safdarian, explores the mystical while remaining grounded in the often stark realities of everyday life. Using a consistent... Read More

Book Review

The Spider Web

by Anita Lock

Intriguing characters make "The Spider Web" an attention-grabbing read. "The Spider Web" is a multifaceted story of human struggle, international drug smuggling, and human trafficking. When an oncologist develops a top-secret anticancer... Read More

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