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Book Review

Before the Big Rains

by Nancy Powell

This highly entertaining novel works on the strength of its detailed mythology and strong storytelling. O. H. Kopole’s "Before the Big Rains" is an epic, sweeping parable of good versus evil, a cautionary tale in which a sibling... Read More

Book Review

An Insect Tale

by Anitra Budd

With battles, quests, political intrigues, and life-and-death struggles, "An Insect Tale" is a unique reimagining of high fantasy. In "An Insect Tale", by Alexander Barton Caceres, it’s up to three insects—a bee, a praying mantis,... Read More

Book Review

Visions of Glory

by Amanda Adams

"Visions of Glory" is an encouraging exploration of the power of the human spirit and the ways in which faith can inspire existence. Timothy Etoori’s Christian poetry collection "Visions of Glory" is both inspirational and... Read More

Book Review

To Forgive but Not to Forget

by Renate Childs

"To Forgive but Not to Forget" is engrossing as it challenges preconceived notions of what it means to love and be loved. Marion Catterall’s "To Forgive but Not to Forget" is a passionate, heartfelt, and escapist novel about love,... Read More

Book Review

Let Love Be My Judge

by Claire Foster

This spicy romance offers a mature appreciation of love’s many opportunities, passions, and adventures. What sweetens a romance—A beautiful location? A lusty lover? Marion Catterall’s frisky novel "Let Love Be My Judge" explores... Read More

Book Review

As Sparks Fly Upward

by Melissa Wuske

This ministerial work encourages readers to view life through a faith-driven lens, even when circumstances are tough. As Sparks Fly Upward: Weathering the Storms of Life by Michael Carr offers encouragement to live in faith, even when... Read More

Book Review

The Torch Bearer's Exorcism

by Vernieda Vergara

Quiet and realistic in its examination of the dangers of young love, this is a sympathetic coming-of-age story. In The Torch Bearer’s Exorcism, Linda Luisa Varela Tychsen tells a painful coming-of-age tale about illusions and... Read More

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