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Book Review

In Country

by Matt Sutherland

In the Iraq edition of wartime for American soldiers, fear of being blown to pieces by hidden explosives frequently loses out to the wiliest enemy of all—boredom. This is the wartime footing—six years in an M1A1 Abrams tank—that... Read More

Book Review

Buddhism for Western Children

by Laura Leavitt

"Buddhism for Western Children" is a dreamlike literary novel that journeys into the psyche of cult living from the perspective of a child. Daniel’s parents, Ray and Cleary, bring him to Avadhoot Master King Ivanovich’s farm in Maine... Read More

Book Review

Clean Time

by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

Ben Gwin’s complex debut novel is based around a fictional reality television sensation, "Clean Time", that has catapulted various interested parties—from pharmaceutical corporations to rehab centers—to unimaginable wealth. For a... Read More

Book Review

Deep Calls to Deep

by Matt Sutherland

Immersion in the study of ancient history lends itself to a dream state of being, and biblical history is even further down the rabbit hole. There is good poetry to be had in these mists-of-time places and Jane Medved has her way with... Read More

Book Review

Still Evangelical?

by Meagan Logsdon

For the members of the evangelical community left alienated by the current political climate, these essays are a balm. "Still Evangelical?" is an olive branch to its own, offering varied, grace-filled perspectives from insiders on the... Read More

Book Review

Silver Girl

by Meg Nola

Leslie Pietrzyk’s haunting "Silver Girl" begins in 1980, with a nameless narrator starting her freshman year at a prestigious Chicago-area university. The narrator escaped her economically depressed Iowa hometown, but the emotional... Read More

Book Review

What Counts as Love

by Karen Rigby

These voices possess a fragile resilience even as they surrender themselves to fate, new knowledge, and other bodies. Adolescents and adults on the brink of critical self-awareness define "What Counts as Love", winner of the John Simmons... Read More

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