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Book Review

Ode to My Autumn

by Philip J. Kowalski

"Ode to My Autumn" contains dexterous, challenging, clever poems that are simply a joy to read. Victor Altshul’s "Ode to My Autumn" is a collection of traditional poems with a great contemporary American poetic twist. The most... Read More

Book Review

Hudson Hates School

Poor Hudson! He can’t stand school, especially on Fridays, when spelling tests embarrass him in front of his classmates. He just can’t get the hang of it, and doesn’t understand why. Luckily, Hudson’s teacher recognizes signs of... Read More

Book Review

Big Bouffant

“This class needs some fashion. This class needs some fun. I’ll find a hairdo to impress everyone.” Annabelle doesn’t want to be like everyone else at school and her desire gives rise to, among other things, some really tall... Read More

Book Review

Travels with Tarra

“What has 16 wheels and a trunk? Tarra—the world’s only roller skating elephant,” read the headlines of the Los Angeles Times in the spring of 1981. Tarra displayed her skating skills in shows around the world, in Korea at an... Read More