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Book Review

Life Came to a Standstill

by Katie Asher

This is a beautifully written meditation on grief, healing, and hope. "Life Came to a Standstill" is a beautiful compilation of eight stories of heartbreak and loss. Each story is written by someone who lost either a sibling or a child,... Read More

Book Review


by Amanda Adams

Wholly absorbing and paced to perfection, "Soledades" is historical fantasy at its finest "Soledades" by Atkin Knowles Akar is an intricate, lush addition to the historical fantasy genre. Vampire Marquaisa has lived some two thousand... Read More

Book Review

Out of the Storm

by Barbara Nickles

This steamy romance thriller features suspenseful twists and a capable heroine. In "Out of the Storm", a steamy romance thriller from Carol Ashe, love, lust, and murder all have their moment in the spotlight. In Winnipeg, Manitoba, a... Read More