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Book Review

Into the Fire

by CJ Triplett

These poems give deep insights into their Australian backdrop and into the poet’s life. "Into the Fire" is an entertaining collection of poems recalling the personal adventures—and misadventures—of Australian Sean Kennedy, marked... Read More

Book Review

A Closer Look at Islam

by Kristine Morris

Syed B. Ali’s book makes a logical, timely, and relevant case for Islam. Can a whole religion be blamed for the actions of some of its followers? Syed B. Ali’s "A Closer Look at Islam" seeks to provide a clearer look at the Islamic... Read More

Book Review

Subtle Moments

by Clarissa Goldsmith

This collection of poems suggests that every moment holds wondrous possibilities. Vinay Benjamin’s poetry collection "Subtle Moments" celebrates the wonder of human existence by exploring its most mundane parts. Poems range in focus,... Read More

Book Review


by Jill Allen

This body-positive alternative to Fifty Shades will leave readers begging for more. Thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey, S&M erotica currently enjoys a certain level of acceptability in the mainstream. Fortunately for those who find the... Read More