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Book Review

Missing Mr. Wingfield

by Susan Waggoner

"Missing Mr. Wingfield" interweaves strong portraits of a mother and daughter for an eye-opening look at the universality of regret. In E. Christopher Clark’s young adult crossover novel, "Missing Mr. Wingfield", a thirtysomething... Read More

Book Review

Cooking with Feeling

by Colby Cedar Smith

As her mother often told her, “Never ignore a good impulse.” Pat Haley showcases this commonsense advice in "Cooking with Feeling". Alongside easy everyday recipes, Haley includes an essay with each chapter. Part historical overview... Read More

Book Review

I Love Lucy

by Marjory Raymer

“Lucy has been part of all our lives,” Watson writes in the introduction to this snapshot of the good ol’ days when baby boomers were young and so was television. Now readers can experience it all over again. “The Classic... Read More