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Book Review

The Thirteenth Knight

by Mark McLaughlin

To marry up fantasy fiction with a well-known folk tale and make it accessible to a young audience while still keeping it interesting for adults is a daunting task of Arthurian proportion—and one performed with grace and charm by Basil... Read More

Book Review

Full Circle

by Elizabeth Millard

From his childhood in a town known as the “Garden of England” to his days as a race car driver, Patrick Shortle shares his memories spanning a sixty-year period. "Full Circle" is an autobiography with a great deal of detail about... Read More

Book Review

The Brazen Serpent Chronicles

by J. G. Stinson

In this second book of the fantasy series "The Brazen Serpent Chronicles", R. Dennis Baird has created a landscape deeply rooted in the Western European fantasy tradition and added some tweaks to the standard recipe. Widseth is a young... Read More