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Book Review


by Eva Schegulla

Sensory details bring the past to life in this charming time-travel story. The second book in the Tower Room series, Dawn Davis’s "Falling" is an intriguing time-travel adventure. It’s 1988, and Leo is a lonely middle-aged baker who... Read More

Book Review

Naked We Came

by Michelle Anne Schingler

"Naked We Came" is an emotionally austere and endlessly surprising thriller that brings new depth to the Jake Travis series. Robert Lane’s "Naked We Came" finds the rakish and irresistible Jake Travis back in the thick of unfortunate... Read More

Book Review

Shackles Across Time

by Barbara Bamberger Scott

“Grandfather Odei…stabbed his cane at trader Quartey’s testicles, his heart, his head, and pronounced a curse…that would affect future generations of Quartey’s descendants.” This curse, made in Ghana in the dark days of the... Read More

Book Review

The Inn Keeper's Daughters

by Alan Couture

The stirrings of war from Britain’s former colony arrive like ripples across the Atlantic to the Bell Inn in the port town of Southampton, England. Tom and his cousins, Rachel and Judith, find their family’s quiet inn frequented by... Read More

Book Review

Twist of Fate

by Sheila M. Trask

Ruin and redemption are the major themes in Kaye Dion’s latest novel, "Twist of Fate". Dion exposes the darkest side of severe mental illness in this slim volume that follows the downward spiral of Jessie, a young man with... Read More

Book Review

Joseph's Triangle

by Thomas H. Brennan

In the first part of the Joseph’s Triangle, Imad Hassan investigates a topic not often analyzed in scriptural studies. His hypothesis is that a marriage between Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Joseph never occurred. Although no gospel... Read More

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