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Book Review

Wheels of Thunder

by Pallas Gates McCorquodale

Stuart’s voice will resonate with anyone whose life has been affected by autism spectrum disorder. Motivated by his own love of fast driving, powerful engines, and navigating life with Asperger’s syndrome, S. Parish’s "Wheels of... Read More

Book Review

Free to Fly

by Amanda Adams

With its successful and balanced approach to human connection and spirituality, "Free to Fly" is compelling. "Free to Fly" by Jean Bisbey is a thought-provoking exploration of the deep philosophical questions that all people face, as... Read More

Book Review

Lean Gains

by Charlene Oldham

Both a scientific overview and blueprint for implementation, this work examines strategies for weight loss and muscle maintenance. "Lean Gains" by Jonathan S. Lee offers readers an overview of the science behind losing fat while... Read More

Book Review

Unpuzzling Finance

by Angela McQuay

This book takes a topic that is confusing to most and lays it out in a way that is educational and user-friendly. "Unpuzzling Finance" by Zahoor Bargir is a concise and easy-to-relate-to guide for small business owners and entrepreneurs... Read More

Book Review

A Collection of Short Stories

by Amanda Adams

These short stories are dynamic and fresh, with evocative language that brings their Welsh settings to life. "A Collection of Short Stories" by Gillian Fletcher-Edwards artfully blends the contemporary issues of Welsh mining families... Read More

Book Review

Unapologetic Poetry

by Robert Foreman

These are unapologetic, necessary poetic expressions that deliver powerful statements on matters personal and political. The poems in Michelle Smith’s "Unapologetic Poetry" touch on a range of subjects and dramatic situations. Most... Read More

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