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Book Review

The Searcher

by Sheila M. Trask

Joaquin Bridger isn’t much to look at. In fact, most townspeople try to avoid looking at the bedraggled homeless man standing on the street corner in a catatonic stupor. Few would expect him to spring into hero mode during a bank... Read More

Book Review

The Prophet's Scribe

by Mark G. McLaughlin

Sex and religion make for a volatile, controversial, and uncomfortable mix, especially when the former pops up in long, lurid, and lascivious passages in a historical novel about the latter. That Mohammad, the founder of Islam, could... Read More

Book Review

All is Well with My Soul

“He spoke and things suddenly appeared” the author writes. “What power! I hope there’s a huge screen in heaven and we can hit rewind and we can see creation. Wouldn’t that be awesome?” Vera Simpson Gaines in her devotional... Read More

Book Review

The Man Who Saw God

Michael doesn’t consider himself to be a religious man but he finds himself full of questions about God. In search of a spiritual mentor he looks for answers about some unusual personal experiences. His questions aren’t so much about... Read More

Book Review

Making Gardens

by Ellen Pisor

British horticultural writer Patrick Taylor’s beautifully photographed book, Making Gardens, might be more aptly titled, Visiting Gardens. Displayed against a backdrop of castles, walls, pergolas, and Grecian urns, the gardens he... Read More