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Book Review

Magic Teacher's Son

by Susan Waggoner

Earth may be the solution for two otherworldly forces battling for control in this richly plotted fantasy novel. Wizards and sorcerers battle for control of the planet Rados in the well-written and richly imagined Magic Teacher’s Son,... Read More

Book Review


by Karen Ackland

A spirited mother-daughter road trip to Mexico takes a turn for the humorous when long-dead relatives start showing up. "Fling!", Lily Iona Mackenzie’s debut novel, is a romp from Canada to Mexico that includes long-lost relatives,... Read More

Book Review

A Case of Love and Squalor

by Jill Allen

These two protagonists grow out of their tropes to become well-rounded, philosophical characters with big personalities. "A Case of Love and Squalor", by Steve Myers, his third novel and an engrossing, fast-paced thriller, mixes action... Read More

Book Review

Silent Partner

by Allyce Amidon

In Stan Schatt’s "Silent Partner", a tabloid reporter into S&M and his lover of the week are found dead in a motel room, and Detective Frankie Ryan is back on duty just in time to get the case. As a woman in a male-dominated... Read More

Book Review


by J. G. Stinson

This steampunk thriller series continues with humor, energy, and air-scorching speed. In "Decay", the second book in Mark Lingane’s YA steampunk Tesla Evolution series, the teenage heroes and their mentor, Nikola, are in danger again... Read More

Book Review

Pathways to Serenity.

by Seamus Mullarkey

This presentation of a vast variety of perspectives on addiction recovery and prevention deserves a wide audience. For those battling addiction, serenity is often an elusive or unattainable state. In Pathways to Serenity, a broad-ranging... Read More

Book Review

Winter of Beauty

by Monica Carter

Vivid portraits of forthright characters and a graceful landscape revive the sense of place of the American West. To write about the American West is to capture its graceful and unforgiving landscape and how it defines the people who... Read More

Book Review

Embrace Ultra-Ability!

by M. Wayne Cunningham

If there is ever to be a poster person for people with ultra-abilities it would have to be twenty-four-year-old Shirley Cheng. The author has turned her disabilities into an ultra-ability and written the awe-inspiring "Embrace... Read More

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