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Book Review

Poetry the Mind is a Maze

by Sara Budzik

This poetry collection is a life-soaked, terrifying journey into a troubled man’s world. Tshekedi Wallace’s "Poetry the Mind is a Maze" is a brief volume of honest reflections that seems to occupy a spiritual space between lost... Read More

Book Review

A Tale of Two Sparrows

by Laura Mahon

This tale of the search for happiness is told with a delightful cadence and clever bridges between human and animal. A fanciful story of a community of anthropomorphized birds, "A Tale of Two Sparrows" depicts main characters Billy and... Read More

Book Review

The Book

by Anna Call

A sassy dog’s perspective on humans combines with a thrilling adventure. Part dog’s perspective on life and part adventure, "The Book" covers various aspects of dog training and canine social hierarchy along with an exciting,... Read More

Book Review

We Stand United

by Kenrick Vezina

Fast-paced epic pulls out all the stops with classic good-guy, bad-guy fantasy. Color-coded warriors with supernatural powers are humanity’s last defense against the Entity, a horde of undead abominations that are “pure evil.” With... Read More

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