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Book Review


by Catherine Thureson

The unique perspective of a dinosaur, in an equally fascinating landscape, offers both entertainment and insight. "Lastborn", by Prudence Brown Lev, shares the intriguing story of the last Edmontosaurus annectens, or flathead, born on... Read More

Book Review

Marcel Proust in Taos

by Mark McLaughlin

Real, engaging characters make for a relaxing summer read. Although he never utters a word or a sound in the text, the titular character of Jon Foyt’s charming romance is a white Angora cat who helps the principal character with both... Read More

Book Review

The Apostate Theory

“The Americans had spit in Allah’s face when they chose the Apostate over the woman…The Twin Towers would soon no longer be America’s worst nightmare,” the author writes. "The Apostate Theory" takes readers into a terrorist... Read More