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Book Review

Five Foot Voice

by Olivia Boler

Poet Alise Versella is barely into her twenties, yet the majority of the poems she has crafted in her debut collection use fresh imagery and resist clichés. Even though she is young, she does not take her youth for granted, as shown in... Read More

Book Review

Why Be Fundamental

by William Gee

Doctrinal positions advocated by various Christian churches are rarely discussed openly in society unless they are about abortion or homosexuality. In "Why Be Fundamental", Kevin Holland boldly delves beyond the culture war issues to... Read More

Book Review

4313 and Beyond

As boys Azerier and his pals grew up in Washington Heights New York studying the uniforms of soldiers navy officers and marines that happened through their neighborhood. When Gary improperly identifies a marine in casual khaki dress his... Read More

Book Review

Uncle Sam Needs Chemo!

Drugs don’t kill people drug pushers kill people. That is the core of the argument for an end to legal prohibitions on various street drugs—after all prohibitions never succeed. Remove the profit from the product remove the criminal... Read More