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Book Review


by Sarah Stewart

"Twisted" takes a brash and unflinching look at the nuanced, complex workings of the sex trade. Sex workers are among the few groups still subject to open intolerance in Western societies; few other occupations are so stereotypically... Read More

Book Review


by Eric Anderson

Amid a series of interesting twists that keep the pages turning, topics like schoolyard bullying are covered with a straightforward pragmatism that helps the moral message stand out clearly. In "Anthony", Harold J. Fischel chronicles the... Read More

Book Review

The Last Warrior Queen

by Jill Allen

Imagine a powerful realm ruled by queens, where an elite defensive force of women protects the country with its magical powers. Critically acclaimed writer Areta Nwosu, whose first novel was one of six finalists nominated for the Pat... Read More

Book Review

Crossing Into the Land of Saints

“‘God has not answered our prayers and we’re all dying strangers in a strange land.’” So runs the lament of an exiled matriarch named Cheita whose dying wish to be buried in rural Cuba powers this novel of family social context... Read More

Book Review

Augusta's Journal

by Camille-Yvette Welsch

The siblings Crump began transcribing their great-grandmother’s journals some 150 years after Augusta Chase lived through the tumultuous settling of the Kansas Territory. In many ways that settling was a precursor to the Civil War.... Read More