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Book Review

New Age Lamians

by Catherine Thureson

Oviatt has created a compelling world with terrifying monsters to fight and personal trials to overcome. "New Age Lamians", by Didi Oviatt, introduces Jackson Bellony, a young man on the cusp of adulthood. Jack is content with his simple... Read More

Book Review

Presidential Intentions

by Julia Ann Charpentier

A determined, flawed heroine accentuates the knowledgeable portrayal of human behavior in the near-perfect plot of this political novel. A candid look at the rise of an ambitious presidential candidate destined for greatness from the... Read More

Book Review

Wayfaring Stranger

by Cheryl M. Hibbard

Nancy Lyn Sullivan firmly establishes a place for herself within the genre of magical realism in her novel "Wayfaring Stranger". Readers will be delighted with this well-written offering and will enjoy traveling with its likable main... Read More

Book Review

The Circle of Fate

by Todd Mercer

In the woolly winter of Alaska lives a drifter code-named “the Drifter” with a part-wolf dog named Dog. His horse is Horse of course. Seeing a plane crash nearby the Drifter and Dog track that way a taxing hike through snow for... Read More