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Book Review

Status Human

by Michele Sharpe

"Status Human" is an action-oriented science fiction novel about androids whose human components bring them strength. In Daniel Weisbeck’s science fiction novel "Status Human", a sentient android does battle with a mercenary... Read More

Book Review

Connecting the Dots

by Matt Benzing

"Connecting the Dots" is a heartfelt guide that encourages spiritual improvement through daily readings and exercises. Jason O. Yearwood’s "Connecting the Dots" is a Christian devotional that takes the form of portioned readings and... Read More

Book Review

Athlete for Hire

by Joseph S. Pete

In the fantastical novel "Athlete for Hire", a college sports wunderkind is approached to play on three separate professional teams at one time. Lou Saulino’s rollicking novel "Athlete for Hire" is about a professional athlete who... Read More

Book Review

Just One Life

by Mari Carlson

With wit, verve, and compassion, Ernest Cohen’s epic novel "Just One Life" demonstrates how one man’s tragedy can become the impetus for healing and growth in the lives of those around him. In Ernest Cohen’s epic novel "Just One... Read More

Book Review


by Danielle Ballantyne

Watercolor illustrations and gentle rhymes form this alphabet book that offers children small changes they can make to support the planet and reduce their carbon footprint. In this alphabet, “B is for biking,” and L urges readers to... Read More

Book Review

The Eternal Crown

by John M. Murray

"The Eternal Crown" is character-driven fantasy novel in which a young woman rises to power as darkness encroaches on her uneasy land. In Michael Lopez’s fantasy novel "The Eternal Crown", a young woman trains to become a champion in a... Read More

Book Review

Sammy’s Monsterous Thoughts

by Alex Dailey

"Sammy’s Monsterous Thoughts" is a positive picture book in which a young inventor works through her toughest challenge yet. In Derek Pedersen’s charming picture book "Sammy’s Monsterous Thoughts", a young inventor entertains... Read More

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