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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that are available for $10.99.

Book Review

Mastering the Lost Art of Oratory

by Ho Lin

Treating speech writing and speech making as a craft, "Mastering the Lost Art of Oratory" is an excellent compendium of practical advice. Speaking coach Robert Babcock’s self-help text "Mastering the Lost Art of Oratory" includes tips... Read More

Book Review


by Paige Van De Winkle

"Tarō" is an enchanting coming-of-age fantasy novel that’s steeped in Japanese culture and history. In Blue Spruell’s elegant fantasy novel "Tarō", Japanese folklore and historical figures meet as a young samurai grows up and... Read More

Book Review

Down World

by Catherine Thureson

Rebecca Phelps’s inventive novel "Down World" crosses multiple dimensions and timelines as a teenager searches for a way to heal her family and correct a tragedy that should never have happened. Sixteen-year-old Marina recognizes some... Read More

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