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Book Review

The Vipers of Islam

by Eric Anderson

Richly detailed cultures provide the backdrop to a heart-pounding debut thriller. Douglas Vigil’s debut novel, "The Vipers of Islam", is a fast-paced and richly layered story of two undercover CIA agents fighting terrorism overseas in... Read More

Book Review

Every Day Needs A Dog

by Sarah Stewart

Both a mystery and a romance, this story is perfect for pet lovers. Every Day Needs a Dog, by Billi Tiner, is a mystery novel for animal lovers and a unique take on the romance and thriller genres, with its unorthodox setting—a busy... Read More

Book Review

Dogs Aren't Men

by Julia Ann Charpentier

Tiner blends humor and tenderness with a skillful literary hand. Harlequin-romance tradition meets contemporary intrigue in a heartwarming novel that brings out the best in both genres. Dogs Aren’t Men blends humor and tenderness with... Read More

Book Review


by Julia Ann Charpentier

Sensual, sexual, and spellbinding, this original take on the urban fantasy strips layers off its characters, revealing the depths of ardor and insanity. "Soulless", an urban fantasy filled with predators in all walks of life, melds the... Read More

Book Review

Gant the Ant

by Catherine Thureson

Martin, the Minstrel Ant, travels the world to share his music with other ants. On the day that he goes to the mound at the end of the wheat field, the worker ants have gathered and are very excited. One small ant makes a special... Read More