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Book Review

Constant Guests

by John M. Murray

"Constant Guests" is an intriguing story with an unusual narrative that artfully blends history, fantasy, and romance. "Constant Guests" by Patricia Nedelea is an ambitious genre-bending adventure through history with a surreal, yet... Read More

Book Review

Cinnamon Diamonds

by Whitney C. Harris

This bite-sized taste of microhistory relives the invention of the doughnut. "Cinnamon Diamonds" is Mark Piper’s brief retelling of the origin story of the doughnut. The book lends dramatic flair to the history, with moments of rich... Read More

Book Review

Just Jane

by Jeannine Chartier Hanscom

A strong and independent woman in the Wild West inspires and entertains while supernatural forces stalk the frontier. P. T. Koi crafts a quirky tale with a perky heroine in Just Jane: Wicked Wild West. In an entertaining mishmash of... Read More

Book Review


by Anna Call

Father-son relationships drive both the young protagonist and antagonist on their journey through the digital world. A solid juvenile science-fiction adventure, digi follows computer-illiterate Peter as he acquires the power to... Read More