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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 610 pages.

Book Review

70 Weeks Prophecy

by Jeremiah Rood

"70 Weeks Prophecy" is a wide-ranging exploration of the links between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Pedro C. Arceno Jr.’s intense "70 Weeks Prophecy" argues that Islam is the one true faith. This sprawling book begins its argument... Read More

Book Review

From a Mid-Wood

by Gregory A. Lowe

A critique of the education system wrapped in quirky humor and a magical twist. B. P. Ellery creates dynamic characters and offers insight into the American education system in "From a Mid-Wood". With a postmodern style and charismatic... Read More

Book Review

Things I Say to Myself

by Barry Silverstein

Gary “Dale” Andrews describes himself as a Christian mystic who has worked in a number of roles, including as a minister, counselor, and non-profit CEO. In his “twenty-five years of college,” he embraced everything from languages... Read More

Book Review

The Quantum Enzyme Code

by Melissa Levine

Author David Frango presents a fascinating and modern challenge to medicine and ethics in his new science fiction novel The Quantum Enzyme Code. Could the cure for AIDS be lurking in the components that make up DNA? And if a cure were... Read More