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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 538 pages.

Book Review

True Reform

by Holly Jordan

Analyzing current political crises in a thorough way based on careful research, "True Reform" is an expansive and passionate text. Jess Money’s bold political science title "True Reform" argues that the American Constitution is... Read More

Book Review


by Edith Wairimu

"Soraya" is an inspiring biography of a woman and the nation she fought for. Saber Azam’s Soraya: The Other Princess captures seven decades of Afghanistan’s history parallel to the life of one Afghan woman. Soraya Ludin, the daughter... Read More

Book Review


by Michelle Anne Schingler

This compelling book makes important contributions to conversations about race in America. Lauren Joichin Nile, an accomplished attorney and speaker, debuts with Race: My Story and Humanity’s Bottom Line, the first portion of an... Read More

Book Review

For Members Only

“If we wanted something we just took it. If anyone complained twice they got hit so bad believe me they never complained again.” —Henry Hill from the movie Goodfellas In the heart of Manhattan’s Little Italy violent men whose... Read More