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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 457 pages.

Book Review


by Sonya Lovy

"Preschooled" is a fun-house mirror of bizarre human behavior, and a commentary on just how far people, especially the rich, will go for their children. Anna Lefler’s "Preschooled" follows three different characters as they struggle to... Read More

Book Review

I, Livia

by Kandy Alameda

History has not been kind to Livia Drusilla, wife of Caesar Augustus, and author Mary Mudd wants to set the record straight in her well-researched book, I, Livia: The Story of a Much Maligned Woman. “Livia Drusilla has fascinated me... Read More

Book Review

A Thousand Autumns

by Katerie Prior

Based on Southerland’s own experiences during the war, A Thousand Autumns continues the tales of Gabe McCarthy, a gifted medic serving in a Special Forces unit during the conflict in Vietnam. His training and intuitive healing... Read More

Book Review

Dreams Designed by God For You

“Dreams come to teach, guide, inspire, protect, heal, warn, advise, and help open our hearts and minds to spiritual viewpoints,” Betty Jane Rapin writes in "Dreams Designed by God For You". In this comprehensive book about... Read More

Book Review

The Once and Future Union

“If the union workers were not battling a tire or rubber company at the bargaining table or on the picket lines, they were fighting with each other,” writes the author in this sixty-year history of the Akron, Ohio-based United Rubber... Read More