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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 451 pages.

Book Review

Just One Life

by Mari Carlson

With wit, verve, and compassion, Ernest Cohen’s epic novel "Just One Life" demonstrates how one man’s tragedy can become the impetus for healing and growth in the lives of those around him. In Ernest Cohen’s epic novel "Just One... Read More

Book Review

Naked We Came

by Michelle Anne Schingler

"Naked We Came" is an emotionally austere and endlessly surprising thriller that brings new depth to the Jake Travis series. Robert Lane’s "Naked We Came" finds the rakish and irresistible Jake Travis back in the thick of unfortunate... Read More

Book Review

Literary Capital

by Trina Carter

Literary Capital: A Washington Reader is a collection of narratives by residents of and visitors to Washington, DC. In other words, a real grab bag. Reach in and pull out goodies from Dickens, Emerson, and Melville, or put them back and... Read More

Book Review

Company of Spies

"Company of Spies" begins with the cataclysmic bombing of Pearl Harbor that quickly pushed the United States into World War II. Seemingly overnight the American citizenship radically changed the definition of the family infrastructure... Read More

Book Review

The Devil's Oracle

by Leonard Jacobs

Beware the bewitching book cover. That’s just one of the lessons of The Devil’s Oracle Tom F. Dodd’s deeply engrossing and often genuinely terrifying murder-mystery. The cover suggests monsters sorcery and catacombs—and indeed... Read More