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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 450 pages.

Book Review

Seven Malas

by Susan Waggoner

Within The Seven Malas are an imaginative handful of affairs and one glowing true-love story. John Leslie Lange’s novel The Seven Malas is part midlife makeover, part male fantasy, and part earnest quest. Thirtysomething James Wilder... Read More

Book Review

Island of Point Nemo

by Karen Rigby

Twisted humor provokes, while dense, finely tuned writing dazzles. "Island of Point Nemo" is a serpentine mystery by Jean-Marie Blas de Roblès. The story of a stolen diamond, murder, and an e-reader factory run by a Chinese voyeur takes... Read More

Book Review


by Jeff Fleischer

With this group of colorful characters, readers can become immersed in Patterson and O’Connell’s detail about oil-drilling work. Drilling for oil is a rough job, and the novel "Roughnecks", by James J. Patterson and Quinn O’Connell... Read More

Book Review

What Makes You Clever

by Melissa Wuske

This celebration of the complexity and mystery of the human mind respects readers’ intelligence while it examines that mystery. For all of today’s innovations and discoveries across scientific disciplines, the whats, whys, and hows... Read More

Book Review

Whirlwind and Storm

by Melissa Wuske

Primary sources from the Civil War bring a unique voice to this biography of an officer and his era. "Whirlwind and Storm" by Charles E. Farnsworth is a portrait of a multifaceted, adventurous Civil War officer. The book follows Charles... Read More

Book Review

The Hero Experience

by Gary Presley

Ample humor and spot-on character descriptions create a fun read about the summer four high schoolers decide to become superheroes. It’s summer, in 1967, and Brad Jones ends his junior year of high school with nothing to do until... Read More

Book Review

Scary, Man

by Alan Couture

A story within a story; flawed, complex characters and taut, believable dialogue make this novel stand out. "Scary, Man" tells the story of a good man whose life is dogged by nasty rumors of sexual deviancy, even after he moves his... Read More

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