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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 319 pages.

Book Review

A Place Far Away

by Jeannine Chartier Hanscom

Spirited and beautiful, sixteen-year-old Lara Galian catches the eye of the wrong man in "A Place Far Away", Vahan Zanoyan’s gritty, thought-provoking novel. Zanoyan takes the reader from poverty-stricken villages in Armenia to Moscow... Read More

Book Review

The Hamlock World

by Bradley A. Scott

Roger Hamlock, a brilliant inventor on the brink of a world-altering discovery, is killed in a suspicious car crash. As a disembodied spirit, he learns that misuse of his invention by a “hideous organization” will result in worldwide... Read More

Book Review

Spirit Stones

by Kristine Morris

Silent and somewhat forbidding, the stone structures erected by our megalithic ancestors continue to evoke awe and wonder. "Spirit Stones", ten years in the making, combines Dianne Ebertt Beeaff’s lifelong love of history and travel... Read More

Book Review

Habits of Change

by Kristine Morris

“Nuns defy stereotypes,” says Carole Garibaldi Rogers, whose compelling collection of interviews with ninety-six women religious highlights the dramatic changes that they have had to confront during the past fifty years. Habits of... Read More

Book Review

Bending the Boyne

by Shoilee Khan

It is 2200 BCE in ancient Ireland—the Eire—and Starwatchers, a quiet, self-sufficient people, look to the stars for guidance. While the stars help them cultivate an understanding of their history, they spend peaceful lives as... Read More

Book Review

Meet the Annas

“Look at her pictures…Anna in that slinky green dress, with her wild bangs, dangly blue earrings, with her cat’s eyes and pouty pink lips, radiating the absolute certainty that she can see just what you want—and show you how to... Read More

Book Review

A Strong-Minded Woman

by Aimee Sabo

Upon her death in 1905, Mary A. Livermore was hailed by the Boston Transcript as “America’s foremost woman.” It was a fitting epitaph. During the Civil War, Livermore worked tirelessly to ensure proper nutrition and medical care... Read More

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