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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 159 pages.

Book Review

Dear DeeDee

by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

An elliptical novel that integrates the death of a lineage into a reflection on personal mortality, Kat Meads’s "Dear DeeDee" recasts the unresolved stories of a Southern paternal line. Rooted in North Carolina, the Meads family line... Read More

Book Review

The Red Notebook

by Kristine Morris

Parisian bookseller Laurent Letellier, on his way to enjoy a double espresso and study his notes for an upcoming book signing, discovers a mauve leather handbag, in excellent condition and obviously not empty, sitting upon a waste bin... Read More

Book Review

Standing at the Crossroads

by Joe Taylor

The villagers call him the Story Man; the whites know him as the Barefoot Librarian. He walks from one village to the next, carrying loads of books and conducting performances based on the stories he reads. Sometimes he imagines he is... Read More

Book Review


by S. Hope Mills

“Wandering is better than place sometimes, than home, than destination,” writes Michelle Latiolais in the opening story of "Widow". In wandering, this particular widow can almost convince herself that she is not so alone. Each of the... Read More

Book Review


Carol Patterson’s "Reinventure" is a collection of stories about the adventures she has experienced while leading tours and traveling around the world with her husband and friends. While her stories are often amusing her intention to... Read More

Book Review

The Century Collection

“Ten poems per subject / and a hundred grouped haikus / right wrongs rail weep pray.” This seventeen-word description of J.A. Rooney’s collection of socially conscious poems "The Century Collection" is from the author himself. The... Read More

Book Review

Founding Father

One must go to Jesus and the eleven to find a group of men who have more impacted the world for good. Alexander Hamilton, with the help of James Madison and John Jay, penned a series of persuasive essays supporting ratification of the... Read More

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