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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 115 pages.

Book Review


by Edith Wairimu

The narrative poems of "Meteor" are both funny and thoughtful, turning ordinary situations on their heads and capturing strange, surprising scenes. In C. M. Mayo’s collection "Meteor", narrative poems transform ordinary experiences... Read More

Book Review

The Book of Reception

by Barbara Bamberger Scott

“Nineteen years ago today, on 16 April, I, Steven F. Gardner, was crowned before all the principalities of heaven with the morning star.” The author of "The Book of Reception" is, he believes, the “grandson” of the one he calls... Read More

Book Review

A Doctor's Journey

“If there ever was a case for euthanasia this was one.” This is not the sort of statement a reader might expect to read in a book written by a kindly medical doctor. Yet in A Doctor’s Journey Dr. Bharwani reveals himself to be a... Read More

Book Review


1969 a Jewish honor student in the Bronx is a school newspaper editor the son of Holocaust survivors and the newest member of a Puerto Rican extortion gang. A strong inciting sequence puts a sixteen-year-old boy in a dilemma of possible... Read More