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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 10 pages.

Book Review

Color Blind

The terms “board book” and “profound” are not often found in the same sentence. But this trio of well considered titles is far from typical. "Color Blind" questions whether souls have a color; Such Small Things anticipates the... Read More

Book Review

The White House

by Charisse Floyd

In cooperation with the White House Historical Association, the author has crafted a visual delight that draws from historical accountings, personalities, and architectural intricacies. The tour begins with a Fourth of July celebration... Read More

Book Review

Faith and Politics

by Chris Arvidson

The author, a former Republican Senator from Missouri, begins his discussion on faith in American politics by describing a weekly event now all but extinct: the formerly non-political Senate prayer breakfast. Once, according to Danforth,... Read More