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Breakthrough Depression Solution

Mastering Your Mood with Nutrition, Diet & Supplementation

The book is life-giving for those who suffer from depression, and it’s a valuable companion for caregivers.

Breakthrough Depression Solution, by James M. Greenblatt, offers real answers to depression.

Depression is a prevalent, often invisible illness, and common medicines are often ineffective. In its very nature, depression makes it seem like there’s no hope, but Greenblatt presents a much-needed, hope-filled, multifaceted approach through a mix of traditional and holistic medicine.

The book explores the problem of depression and issues with current treatment modalities, gives a user-friendly approach to keeping the brain healthy (based on the acronym THE ZEEBRA), offers less physical ways to stimulate the brain (like mindfulness, faith, and psychotherapy), and looks ahead to a brighter future for treatment of depression. Each step of the way, the book offers a personalized approach that can be tailored to individual needs—a truly refreshing prospect for anyone who’s tried an antidepressant based on a glowing commercial, only to feel the same as before.

While an integrated solution is transformative, it’s no quick fix. To reap the benefits, people dealing with depression need to manage their diet, physical activities, and medications. Greenblatt supplies the know-how and motivation to meet that challenge through the book’s pragmatic and research-driven tone, as well as its succinctly explained and reassuring content. Greenblatt’s wisdom and experience shine through the book, a welcome addition to a topic that seems full of false promises.

The book is life-giving for those who suffer from depression, and it’s a valuable companion for caregivers. For those in the depths of a depressive episode, the book is too dense with information and in-depth background; but for those looking to manage their depression for the long haul, this book gives the insight they need to achieve stability. Medical professionals and practitioners of integrated therapies will find the holistic approach an asset to better patient care.

The second edition contains the most up-to-date research and maintains a wide view of treatment types that can ease depression.

Breakthrough Depression Solution brings much-needed hope to those who suffer from depression.

Reviewed by Melissa Wuske

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