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Born Aware

Stories & Insights from Those Spiritually Aware Since Birth

Brandon’s is a compelling exploration of a spiritual phenomenon.

Diane Brandon’s Born Aware is a unique twist on spirituality and memory studies.

It’s commonly believed that infants are only aware of their basest physical needs, and that they must grow into higher self-awareness. Diane Brandon, a professional integrative intuitive counselor, negates this claim, instead asserting that some can recall pre-birth, at-birth, and soon-after-birth memories, and that understanding the significance of such memories can lead to greater consciousness.

Brandon structures her book in an orderly fashion, providing a clear definition of the phenomena followed by individual stories, and closing with lessons that can be gleaned from the information presented. This organization is impactful, and many different insights into the usefulness of recalling memory and spirituality are presented.

For example, when meditating on or trying to access memories from infancy or childhood, Brandon stresses that it is important to also focus on a sense of childlike wonder, which not only allows for an openness of spirit, but also helps the mind to remember how it used to function. Julie Scardiglia, a fellow born-aware, corroborates the validity of this approach in her story. Ruminating on the oppenness of infancy, she discusses the comfort and freedom of being able to explore without judgment.

The book also stresses how past-life memories can share commonalities with one’s current existence. If history repeats itself, it argues, then many ill consequences can be avoided with the proper mental development. Such states of awareness are said to come naturally to some, but can be developed in others.

The writing style is clear and the subject is multifaceted. Though the book presents many approaches to general spirit awareness, its language is straightforward and its practices are understandable.

All the meditative concepts discussed are, ideally, as means to access what Brandon calls “Higher Soul Awareness”––a state of being greater than just physically existing. It is in this higher spiritual plane, she says, that considerable personal growth can occur. Practices and methodologies for people at every stage of innate recall are presented.

A compelling exploration of a spiritual phenomenon, Born Aware is fresh and engaging.

Reviewed by Amanda Adams

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