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Blind Ambition

A mother’s sudden death leads to the uncovering of shocking family secrets in Lutishia Lovely’s intriguing novel Blind Ambition.

Drained from a grueling divorce and wanting to change things for herself and her son, Chantel moves back to her Missouri hometown. She takes a job as an editor with a local newspaper and becomes a singer at a vibrant club in the city. But Chantel’s burgeoning singing career is only a shadow of what her estranged sister, Jett, has accomplished.

At their mother’s funeral, the sisters meet again. Jett rejects Chantel’s efforts at rekindling their relationship, though Chantel uncovers disturbing secrets that push them together anyway. Still, their conflict is drawn out, and their relationship exposes both sisters’ insecurities and hopes. Jett is a typical Hollywood star who sacrifices her relationship with her family to pursue her music career. She uses her cautious, distant attitude to guard herself against the possibility of betrayal in the competitive music industry. Unlike Jett, Chantel is forgiving and keen on developing a relationship with her sister; she is also fascinated by Jett’s rise to stardom.

The book’s brazen narration, which includes abrasive comments, is distracting in places, especially with the incessant use of “bitch.” Still: an intriguing, drawn out mystery develops when a mysterious blackmailer plays on the sisters’ secrets. They threaten to publicize the revelations, which could ruin Jett’s career. In the process of determining the blackmailer’s identity, Jett is forced to face her agonizing past.

Though its mystery takes a long time to be solved, Blind Ambition is a moving novel that applauds sisterhood and family over personal aspirations.

Reviewed by Edith Wairimu

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