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Beyond Doubt

Clarion Rating: 5 out of 5

In Beyond Doubt, a guide to achieving inner peace, author John J. Murphy utilizes a tool he names the Ring of Peace and offers readers a step-by-step process to transformational change.

A teacher of teachers, Murphy combines world faiths and experiential enlightenment to open the door to inner peace. “As a spiritual mystic, I have come to realize that life is one great experiment, best understood through discovery,” he writes. Murphy uses the teachings of Jesus, Buddha, the Bible, and the Tao to develop his four-step program. He challenges readers to consider their thoughts, feelings, and actions in light of this search for inner peace. He suggests we change the world by changing ourselves. To do this, we must learn to live in the “now,” to release anxiety from our lives.

Murphy states that we are all Spirit. If we learn to live at our optimum level, we are at one with God and the universe. He addresses issues that need resolution and answers questions, such as how we can learn to see the world differently, free ourselves from negative thoughts, and learn to “let go” and “let flow.” He believes that everything in the universe is in perfect balance; that there is no effect without a cause, and no problem without a solution.

Exercises are provided throughout the book to give readers the opportunity to stop and consider each of the teachings. Murphy offers specific practices to rise above our own egos and live life on a higher plane. He cautions readers to persevere, trust in God, and be generous, gentle, and honest.

As a business consultant, Murphy applies these principles to corporations as well as individuals. He provides several case studies where his four-step process has helped companies achieve productivity and profit goals. He has facilitated a number of “kaizen events,” which he describes as a “fast, targeted process improvement, usually conducted by a team over a three to five day period.” The word “kaizen” is Japanese and means “good change.”

In the final chapter, Murphy selects frequently voiced concerns and gives practical and direct answers.

Murphy has trained thousands of people worldwide. He is the founder and president of Venture Management Consultants and the author of numerous books, including Agent of Change: Leading a Cultural Revolution and Reinvent Yourself: A Lesson in Personal Leadership.

While the book is an easy, straight-forward read, the lessons take life-long dedication. Murphy’s four-step model is a spiritual practice. He urges readers to accept spiritual awareness as an on-going process and says that as we apply these principles, we continually ascend to a higher level of peace.

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