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Basic Yoga For Everybody

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Hirschi offers a variety of ways to use the material she has presented in her book and yoga card set. The card set, with its clear drawings of the posture and meditative affirmation on one side, and simple description of the posture with its affects on the body on the other, requires readers to read only three of the eight chapters to use the cards independently.

The set is particularly good for the beginner; with this type of flexibility and simple clarity, there is little room for frustration, boredom or discouragement. The text is concise and offers information for the beginner in moving the body as well as bringing awareness and attention to mood and attitude of the mind while practicing.

Also included are breath techniques, the bandha technique and some hand mudra techniques. The author does not go into depth or offer much background of the specific techniques, but offers good guidelines and precautions for anyone considering incorporating a yoga practice into their lives. A very good companion for the beginner who wants to explore their body awareness.

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