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Awakening the Mystic Gift

The Surprising Truth About What It Means To Be Psychic

“Imagine the responsibility of seeing someones future,” writes the author, “and having to guide the person to or away from that future.” That was an obligation that Doherty had yet to fully comprehend when, as a mother of two focused on home, husband, and traditional family values, she set out to the local mall to purchase a gift for her sisters birthday. A crowd surrounding what turned out to be a group of psychics giving readings ignited fond memories of the mechanical fortuneteller at the boardwalks penny arcade. On a whim, she decided to get a reading.

The result yielded as much confusion as illumination, but created a thirst for a deeper understanding of the paranormal that led Doherty from psychic fairs to tarot readers to clairvoyants to palm readers to scholarly researchers studying psychic phenomena. As her journey from skeptic to seeker progressed, she was struck by the similar readings she received from many psychic practitioners: that she would marry again and become famous for her psychic talents.

The path that she embarked upon may have been ultimately enriching, but contained its share of obstacles as well. The first was to move past the constraints of her religion, a challenge that was achieved through meditation and the realization that more spiritual awareness would lead to a greater trust in God. Then there were the patronizing comments of friends and the hostility of those convinced that dabbling in the paranormal put one on the fast track to hell. These impediments led to Dohertys keeping her progress to herself, even hiding her burgeoning psychic gifts from her husband.

She continued her course of study and meditation but still could point to no definitive breakthrough until the day she was overcome with a terrible sense of dread, just prior to the crash of Pan Am 103 in Lockerbie, Scotland. Soon, embarrassing revelations, such as the knowledge that a friends husband was cheating, unexpectedly began popping into her head and the voices of her guides chattered incessantly. Almost ready to quit, she gradually learned to take control, tell the voices to stop, and begin to master her psychic abilities.

Doherty has been featured on many network programs and her experiences have been recounted in publications around the world. She has appeared as a government witness on psychic phenomena in a major mail fraud case and is the President Emeritus of the Jersey Society of Parapsychology. The real charm of this book is the intimate manner in which it is told. The answer to the second forecast the early psychics agreed upon is that, yes, she did marry a second time.

Reviewed by Dan Bogey

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