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Angelic Enlightenment

A Personal Process

Who wouldn’t like to live a life filled with joy, love and the feeling that life is truly worth living? The Miller-Russos offer their book as a guide to the achievement of such a life. According to the authors, enlightenment is “the state we reside in when we have come to know
ourselves. It is a state of soul-infusion where all the segments of the self are integrated and in union with the divine energy of God.” Angelic beings are seen as messengers of God as well as Light beings who are also in the process of evolving. They are intricately involved with the care of the Earth and all its inhabitants.

Linda Miller-Russo, a spiritual reader with experience as a teacher and mental health social worker, and Peter Miller-Russo, a clergyman with expertise in music, computers and graphic design, have provided a guide to personal wholeness, based in psychology and spirituality. The book can be a help whether or not one believes in angelic communication, but would be most accessible to those who do.

Life as process, not result, is the basic premise of angelic enlightenment, and the authors treat it as a journey made easier by a relationship with the four angelic guides: Michael, archangel of truth and justice; Raphael, archangel of healing and acceptance; Gabriel, archangel of strength and commitment; and Uriel, archangel of love and beauty. Although the Miller-Russos believe in actual angelic visitations, those who choose to view the angels as symbols for the above-described energies can also find nourishment in the truths of this book and will find it useful in the development of a personal system of ethics based in self-knowledge.

The segments of the self, i.e., the soul, the self, the higher self, the emotional self, the basic or subconscious self and the conscious self are studied in detail. Seven keys to self-knowledge are given: the understanding of dreams, recognition of our feelings, awareness of our thought patterns, body-awareness, knowledge of our desires, acceptance of our shadow-self and finally the understanding of our own mortality. Meditations are provided to facilitate contact with the deeper self and a plan is presented to encourage self-motivation and actions that can be taken to achieve one’s goals. Workbook pages allow for the planning and tracking of one’s progress, and a glossary provides explanations of terms that may not be familiar to the neophyte New Age seeker.

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