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Angel Up My Sleeve

The moon! It was the glow of the moon that Dana had seen when she felt suddenly terribly ill. Then the

dream-or was it? A tiny green face with a red jelly cap smiled over the bed covers, as Dana lay in her semi-awareness of fever. “You’re a dream-a dizzy fever dream,” she said, but “Can a dream tap-dance on your nose?”

Outside the window, the sun faded away until the round bright moon was the only light, and it, too, faded until the last dot of moonlight shattered into millions of flashes and was gone. Only darkness remained.

Ibbur, the wee green man with the red jelly cap, began singing a song about himself and Queen Dana-a strange tune but faintly familiar. Ibbur urged her to hurry and dress to prepare to restore the worlds as only the Queen of the Mountain of Light could do.

Out the window they flew to a cave inhabited by the old, shriveled witch Anavak, who told Dana an amazing tale. An evil enemy had devoured and destroyed the Mountains of Light, Water, Wind, and Dust, becoming more evil with each destruction, and leaving behind fallen sparks from the moon. The worlds have since been waiting for Queen Dana to return, gather the sparks, and restore the worlds. Without thinking, Dana agreed to go, with Ibbur at her side, to gather the seeds of restoration.

The author has carefully crafted a multi-layered fantasy, incorporating the struggle for universal power and the classic redemption of good over evil, light over dark, and angels over demons. Innocent Queen Dana must deal with dark magic and unknown enemies in a quest that parallels the creation of a world and a young girl’s growing up. She discovers that “dreams are paths to hidden depths and heights” and “all your charms are held inside, deep at the center of will.” Because of the multiple worlds inhabited by different foes, the story may be somewhat difficult for the younger reader to follow, but high school and adult fantasy readers will relish this tale of divine mystery and quest.

Reviewed by Linda Cooley

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