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And God Was Watching

A Biography of Billy Wayne

Clarion Rating: 5 out of 5

Billy Wayne Arrington’s life story exemplifies the notion that adversity can be a great motivator. Through a variety of ups and downs, Arrington transformed his faith in God into a positive instrument of encouragement and hope.

Billy Wayne’s early childhood was dominated by scenes involving his mother and frequently drunken father shouting and arguing at length. Arrington craved his father’s approval, a need that stayed with him as he matured. “Even as an adult, he desired his father’s attention and wanted more than anything to hear him say, ‘I love you, Billy, and I’m proud of you.’”

Adding to his insecurities were his physical challenges. As the smallest boy in his class, Arrington was constantly bullied. His bouts of asthma provided their own problems, particularly in the 600-yard dash segment of the yearly physical fitness examinations in elementary school. His difficulty in breathing continually doomed him to last place, even behind all the girls. Such an embarrassing outcome year after year further damaged his self-esteem.

As his home life deteriorated, however, his Christian faith thrived, encouraged by his grandmothers and many caring members of the local Baptist church. The love and acceptance he so desperately wanted from his father were years away, but Arrington found comfort in his Heavenly Father, and his life began to show the positive effects of his faith.

Arrington excelled in acting, and his talents landed him in many starring roles beginning in high school. Eventually, his skills were noticed by influential theatrical insiders who offered to use their contacts to arrange Broadway auditions. Although it seemed his dreams were within reach, he felt God calling him to a different path, and he passed on the opportunities. “God whispered to him, ‘Billy, I am going to take your weakest ability and use it for My glory.’” Arrington was willing to put aside his passion for acting to follow God.

Today, Arrington’s contemporary Christian singing ministry reaches thousands of people a year and his LampLight Theatre allows him to remain involved in the acting field. His compelling biography will encourage readers to overcome their own challenges through perseverance and faith in God.

Reviewed by Jeff Friend

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