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A Visionary Life

Conversations on Personal and Planetary Evolution

On the surface, striving to live a visionary life seems within the reach of only a few exceptional people who have made their mark on history: the Thomas Jeffersons, Mahatma Ghandis and Golda Meirs of the world. Not so, says publisher/author/poet/musician Marc Allen. Living a visionary life is within the reach of every person, and this accessible, yet profound, text offers a look at the directed and surprisingly simple path towards such an existence.

Allen is the founder (along with Shakti Gawain, author of the groundbreaking Creative Visualization) of New World Library, the publisher of some of the finest personal growth and spirituality books in recent years. In Visionary Business (New World Library, 1995) Allen recounted how his publishing company grew from an idea into a profitable business that truly served the needs of employees and customers. In A Visionary Life, Allen takes his philosophy of plenty (passed on to him by his mentor, Bernie, a kind of Yoda in human form) one step further and examines how to extend the principles offered in his business book into one’s whole existence.

The book is divided into 10 “keys” which when taken together, create the energy necessary to send one on the day-by-day timeline of an exceptional, fulfilling and, of course, rapturous life. This path begins with the reader identifying their “ideal scene,” the specific circumstances of the perfect life - and ends with an admonition to “give abundantly and reap the rewards.” While some of this we’ve heard before, Allen has a true talent for making lofty ideals practical in their relevance to everyday life. This is a goal-centered book that requires a motivated reader. How well the hard mind pays off is still a work in progress by this reviewer.

Reviewed by Mardi Link

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