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A Little Boy Looking for God

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

Lovingly simple and honest, this story answers a complicated adult question with the wisdom only a child can provide.

A Little Boy Looking for God is an adorable children’s story by two little boys and their grandmother. Simple in outline and design, profound in completion, and wise in the way only a child can be, this book is a wonderful read.

The story begins with a little boy packing snacks in his bag to begin his search for God. He rides his bike all over town, but still cannot find him. He tours on a bus, a train, a boat, and an airplane and still cannot find God, who he so desperately seeks. He even takes a spaceship to space and looks in a graveyard, but still no God. He ends up climbing a mountain and yells, “God please hear me, where are you?” Then, after thunder and lightning, he hears God tell him that “I am with you always. I am everywhere. I am everything. I am love…I was with you all the while.”

Author Vickie Daniels is a naturopathic doctor with degrees in physical fitness and ministry. Two of her grandchildren, five-year-old Cage and three-year-old Cash, coauthored this book with her. Together they have created a clean and uncomplicated book on a subject that adults sometimes complicate. The authors use repetition, which is valuable for a beginning reader and leads to a pleasant read-aloud experience.

Cage illustrates the book, and his simple youthful drawings, done in black on white paper, pair perfectly with the text. The round bodies and heads, with lines for arms and legs most often, match the straightforward outline drawings of the other objects in the pictures, from the bus to the spaceship to the mountain.

The cover is an appropriately simple black and white with childish letters for the title. The back copy is a little confusing as it starts with “Cage and Cash Bullock are two of her grandsons,” leaving the reader to question who the “her” is, until they read the second paragraph about Daniels. There are a few typographical errors, both in the back copy and in the story, such as a misspelled word, a misplaced comma, and a missing apostrophe.

Lovingly simple and honest while addressing the basic desire to find God, this story will please both parents and children.

Reviewed by Beth VanHouten

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