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101 Amazing Uses for Cinnamon

101 Amazing Uses for Cinnamon is wellness blogger Nancy Chen’s love letter to the simultaneously sweet and savory spice.

The book begins with a bit of background on the popular pantry staple, including the story of cinnamon’s ancient origins, the differences between cassia and Ceylon cinnamon, the best ways to buy and store it, and its various forms. Then, 101 digestible chapters outline the abundant uses of cinnamon: it is an ant repellant, a plant healer, a parasite preventer, a pain reliever, a weight loss aid, a mood enhancer, and a memory booster. This considerable ground is covered in a succinct yet informative manner.

The text also includes recipes for cinnamon coffee syrup, cinnamon butter, Mexican superfood hot chocolate, apple cinnamon mulled wine, candied bacon, and homemade apple pie, making it useful both as a reference tool and as a focused recipe book. To further demonstrate the versatility of this seeming miracle spice, Chen also includes recipes for homemade face masks, cinnamon-sugar lip scrub, homemade cinnamon foundation powder, and cinnamon whitening toothpaste.

With passion and knowledge, the book is also careful in its discussions of cinnamon’s medicinal uses, declaring that, while cinnamon can help with managing blood sugar levels, it should not be considered a replacement for medication, but as something that supports health care measures. Sources are cited at the end of the work.

Nancy Chen’s compendium on the wonders of cinnamon reflects increased social interest in natural solutions and treatments for a variety of conditions and ailments. It delivers its information in an engaging manner, always centering it in research. Audiences will walk away believing that cinnamon is the true spice of life.

Reviewed by Hilary Daninhirsch

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