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Spellbound, Elizabeth A. Lewis’s debut fantasy novel, is ambitious in scope. It chronicles the adventures of several teenage heroes and heroines, collectively known as Story... Read More

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My World Passes

In this endearing story, author Donovan Harrison takes readers into the mind of Sharon Phillips, a tiny, vivacious woman in her early fifties, as she deals with early-onset... Read More

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Mountain Ash

Ordinary lives have intrinsic value, not only to their owners, but also to those who may read the memoirs that sprout from stories about family, friends, work, travel, and... Read More

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Lethal Hindsight

“We will make the world forget the failures of our fathers…Steps must be taken to return the Vaterland to what it should be,” Gerhardt Kugler tells his company’s board... Read More

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Hell World Heaven

“In order to like your exercise, it will be good to listen to your favorite music, partner up with your neighbors and coworkers, or watch TV while biking and doing sit-ups,”... Read More

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