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Books We've Reviewed from University of Wisconsin Press

Book Review

Refuge Denied

During the last week of May 1939, the Cuban government refused to grant entry to 937 Jewish refugees fleeing Hitler’s Germany. They were passengers aboard the... Read More

Book Review

Making Love

“True love, by definition, is unrequited,” claims the narrator of this polished debut novel, recounting her love affair with the troubled Louis. The first-person protagonist... Read More

Book Review

Elizabeth Taylor

“Elizabeth called me Gangster and I called her Baby Boobs,” writes the author in the brief text that complements this treasure trove of photographs of the legendary actress.... Read More

Book Review

Just Married

“The evening dashed recklessly forward, and around me the room filled with snippets of conversation and the fireworks of laughter,” says author Varnell. This excitement... Read More

Book Review

Borrowed Dress

Perhaps a borrowed dress could free a person “to become what I loved, fly // into the stunned landscape where clouds unfold their longings to be lakes and lakes hold clouds in... Read More