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With empathy and introspection, Howley describes the dark culture of MMA fighting and her search for inner ecstasy. Why would a young intellectual woman involved in the serious... Read More

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It’s perhaps a bit disingenuous for Angela Pelster to declare that her marvelous collection of essays is not a memoir. She might argue that nature is the principle subject,... Read More

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Author’s mastery of language penetrates lyrical narratives of self-discovery. Moth; or how I came to be with you again is a collection of short, lyrical narratives that lead... Read More

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In her elegant, short volume of essays, Patricia Vigderman asks questions about possibility and its opposite. These are complicated essays to read, not in the sense that they... Read More

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The beauty of short stories is in what they leave out; there is greater imperative for every word to count, to cut to the heart of the matter. L. Annette Binder’s "Rise" is a... Read More

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