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Books Reviewed in Music

Book Review

Mingus Speaks

From mercurial to mentally unstable, interviews highlight legendary composer’s Vesuvian stream-of-consciousness conversation. James Joyce’s mastery of the written word might... Read More

Book Review

The 'Ukulele

Thanks to its small size and distinctive sound, the ‘ukulele has been lampooned in everything from literature and film to comic strips. But Jim Tranquada and John King hope to... Read More

Book Review


In 1989, the Berlin Wall fell, marking the end of the Cold War-as well as the end of history itself, according to the writer and philosopher Francis Fukuyama. In his new book... Read More

Book Review


Digging collects eighty-four essays and reviews in which the poet, playwright, and critic Amiri Baraka makes an impassioned case for jazz as a central achievement of American... Read More

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