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Books Reviewed in Thriller

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Battered women often feel trapped in their marriages. Carol James’ Katie, a Western romance set in both Dodge City and Denver following the Civil War, follows one such woman... Read More

Book Review

Cold Deck

For a guy who deals out luck in the high-stakes blackjack pits of Las Vegas casinos, most of Jude Helms’s personal fortune is bad. Lately he has lost two jobs, the first after... Read More

Book Review


Grandmothers are supposed to wield rolling pins and trays of cookies, not pistols, knives, and nooses. Yet the grandmother in Lefties, by Karmel Arbelaitz, is on a mission: Rid... Read More

Book Review


George Tazoli is a young, successful floor trader at Forest & Vignes bank, an institution reeling from a portfolio of bad loans. He is also dating billionaire bank president... Read More

Book Review

Black Art

British actress Helen Valentine wants to know where she came from. Specifically, she wants to know about her grandmother, who disappeared in the early 1940s. Author V. T. Davy... Read More

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