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Books Reviewed in Science Fiction

Book Review


“He held his breath, half expecting the power down wouldn’t work, and that the machines would stay alive, and start giving him orders,” the author writes. Bren Marcken’s... Read More

Book Review

Unknown Book

Given their popularity these days, pirates are a sure way to increase the awesomeness quotient of any book, so Robert D’Elia’s Pirates of Marauda Book 1: Circles in Time... Read More

Book Review


“Political reform came first. Remember what a bind we were in during the first decade of the millennium?” the author writes. “The United States was bogged down in two... Read More

Book Review

Life Shaker

Adam Altman’s fantasy novel concerns a quest for an amulet of ambivalent power. LifeShaker creates positive change for its holder but always at great cost to someone the... Read More

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