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Books Reviewed in Science Fiction

Book Review


With Remnant, Roland Allnach presents three novellas that promise to haunt the reader long after the cover has been closed. Though the title refers specifically to the last... Read More

Book Review

Days of Iron

Days of Iron takes place several hundred years in the future—a time when space travel has progressed to such a point that the entire galaxy is being utilized, and Earth is... Read More

Book Review


Daniel and his younger brother, Nickel, live with their father on Merwin, a planet largely populated by professional thieves called the Zukar. As one of the most successful... Read More

Book Review


At first glance, Targon: The 6th Realm appears to be your standard science fiction world-is-about-to-end/exodus type of story. It may be that, but it is also much more. The... Read More

Book Review

State of Mind

Memory is the food of the mind. We are a composite of our memories—and what we do remember is as important as what we forget. Each person’s past is unique terrain, formed by... Read More

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