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Books Reviewed in Science Fiction

Book Review


“We are not an invasion fleet. We are a procurement team.” That is how the alien invaders, who arrive not as overt conquerors but as clandestine suppliers seeking human meat... Read More

Book Review

The Circle

In The Circle, a remnant human population from a damaged Earth is rescued by members of a benevolent alien civilization. The humans take a tour of the benevolent alien... Read More

Book Review

The Burning Z

Zombies have taken over the country. There are books, TV shows, and movies everywhere featuring the popular antagonists in virtually every scenario possible. One might think the... Read More

Book Review


With its manga-style illustration on the cover and its sexual content, Natsuya Uesugi’s latest novel, grydscaen: utopia, seems set to appeal to a certain segment of adult fans... Read More

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