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Books Reviewed in Mystery

Book Review

The Fallen

A diabolical genius and his band of terrorist thugs have taken over the G8 Summit in Colorado, threatening to kill world leaders one-by-one if their demands are not met. The... Read More

Book Review


“Trouble with webs. When you’re in one, you can’t see past the next knot,” laments private investigator Philip Noir, the lead character in Robert Coover’s gritty and... Read More

Book Review

Bolt Hole

Set in Yorkshire, England, British author Adam Gontarek’s Bolt Hole begins quickly and tensely on a rain-drenched night. Grant Reid, a self-admitted sex addict, awaits his... Read More

Book Review

Dixie Noir

Dixie Noir is a detective yarn that doesn’t pull any punches, beginning in medias res of a cold-blooded murder somewhere in Montgomery, Alabama. Protagonist Ennis Skinner is a... Read More

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